Jenica Welch

Nice to meet you. I am a UX Designer & Strategist.

I love to make experiences.  I believe that effective product definition requires gaining insights into people needs, business needs, and technology. My main superpower is navigating business challenges to turn product chaos into a carefully crafted coherent UX strategy and a carefully crafted UI. I enjoy working with internal and external clients to bring innovative ideas to life and instilling a user-centered design approach in engineering driven organizations and improving collaborating between engineers and UX designers. Most importantly, I love to envision experiences that delight users and believe that design can transform lives.

My current challenges as a Senior UX Designer at GE Healthcare involve distilling radiologists needs into tools that support their workflow which leads to improving patient outcomes and more patient-centric care. Prior to working at GE, I was an Interaction Designer and Software Group Manager at National Instruments. 

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